Vine growers from the great French terroirs, organic « earthen » marketers and demanding growers, meticulous arboriculturists, innovative cereal growers, manic green-keepers, passionate rugby men… have all praised our fertilising solutions. Thanks to them, our brand has become an essential reference, synonymous with safety, quality, and performance.

Fertilisation consists of providing a growing environment, such as soil, with the elements necessary for the development of the plant. Fertility relates to the soil’s ability to store these nutrients and to redistribute them naturally for the production of crops through its biological activity. It is an essential component of the bio-productivity of soil.

Over the last few decades, OvinAlp has developed natural solutions to improve the fertility of the soil while guaranteeing its fertilisation for plant production. By working with the sheep manure collected in the Southern Alps, OvinAlp has chosen a raw material known for its ability to produce these fertilisers: amendments, organic fertilisers, and organic-mineral fertilisers. Its range includes biokinetic fertility activators, liquid organic fertilisers, and organic leaf specialities.

OvinAlp, your partner for sustainable agriculture!

Although a stable humus supply is essential in maintaining the organic matter and thus the storage capacity of the mineral elements through the soil’s clay-humic complex, it is not the presence of various organic matter and minerals in the soil that matters, but instead the dynamic of their evolution. It is this dynamic which characterises the fertility of this soil. Thus, there must be a balance between organic fertilisation, mineral fertilisation, and stimulation of the soil’s microbiological activity.

For organic fertilisation, OvinAlp has developed a range of organic amendments and fertiliser based on sheep manure which are complementary in their humic potential and their humigenic potential.

For organic-mineral fertilisers, it is also the solubility criterion of the principal and secondary elements which guides the choice of product adapted to the soil and the crop.

A leader in the development of new fertilisation solutions which are respectful of the environment, OvinAlp also offers biokinetic fertility activators, liquid organic fertilisers, and leaf nutriments.

These biostimulants are enriched with imis®, a unique organic complex amino acid developed by OvinAlp’s research and innovation department. When integrated into fertilisation solutions, imis® optimises their effectiveness. It is the first natural chelating agent approved by the Ministry of Agriculture (n° 114-0009).

A reference in the organic fertilisation of special crops (viticulture, arboriculture, sowing, etc.), OvinAlp extends its offer and has been developing specific formulations for field crops since 2010.

Organic, humic, and humigenic fertilisation

OvinAlp has developed a range of fermented plant amendments (standard NF U44-051) which are complementary in their humic potential (number of humic colloids) and their humigenic potential (ability to produce the humus in situ in the soil) the base of which is MV100, the company’s flagship product.

Humo-mineral, organic and mineral fertilisation

With its organic-mineral fertilisers (standard NF U42-001), OvinAlp offers, at the same time and in the same place, plant-based organic matter and digestible nutritional elements. This fertilisation minimises losses from run-off and complements the purely organic and humic fertilisation intended for the rebalancing of the soil.

Precision fertilisation

With Dopactif and Dopasol F1, OvinAlp develops biokinetic fertility activators, with Orstim, liquid organic fertilisers and Kori, leaf nutriments. These original formulations of chelated cation amino acids present complete innocuity for the crop and the environment and provide optimal and precise nutrition for the crops.

Leaf nutriments

After full-field applications to apple trees and vines, OvinAlp completes its offer with Kori, a range of le

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Ov, an active principle

Biodiversity is life and all interactions within the ecosystems comprising it.
The soil is the planet’s reservoir of biological and genetic diversity.
This biodiversity must be preserved to safeguard our soils, our cultivations, and our land.
The preservation of organic matter, an indispensable element in the life of soils, is essential. But this must be accompanied by real consideration of the dynamic of the organic matter itself and its capacity to create humus or to mineralise through the action of micro-organisms.

Choosing an Ov-based fertiliser is the guarantee of a very effective product, which is naturally rich in micro-organisms and stable humus, and free from any health risks.

Ov, the naturally effective active ingredient

Ov is the active ingredient in OvinAlp, obtained through the solid organic fermentation of organic plant matter from sheep manure under the action of microbial flora, which is particularly rich and naturally occurring.

This long, solid organic fermentation process (12 months in open air) enriches the initial organic matter with stable compounds – humus precursors – which play a structuring role in the soil.
This “breeding”, which is expressed by the rising temperatures under the action of the micro-organisms present, results in complete hygienisation with the removal of pathogenic species and the selection of micro-organisms of interest based on local seasonality and climatic fluctuations in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.


Bacteria helps to break down organic compounds such as simple sugars (monosaccharides), starch, and lipids while secreting enzymes. They develop quickly and are both mesophilic and thermophilic.
Some bacteria found in compost (such as certain species of Bacillus) are able to produce antibiotics, which limit the growth of many other micro-organisms including phytopathogens (Bernard et al., 2011).


At the start of the solid organic fermentation, mesophilic mushrooms develop and degrade the organic compounds, which are easy to solubilise and decompose. During the thermophilic phase, the fungal flora decreases due to the rising temperature and can form spores. Mushrooms reappear during the cooling phase and during the maturation phase. They are the main agents involved in cellulose decomposition. Some species have a large capacity for the aerobic degradation of cellulose such as Aspergillus sp., Penicillium notatum, Trichoderma sp, which can also decompose the cellulose and hemicellulose (Rolf D., 2004). In addition, some fungi are able to degrade lignin, the organic matter compound which is the most difficult to degrade – a humus precursor.


Actinomycetes often appear on the fifth or seventh day of the organic fermentation process. They develop more slowly than bacteria and mushrooms, but prevail at the end of composting. This flora plays an important role in the degradation of the cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. The actinomycetes represent a large proportion of the biomass in the soil, and have the capacity to produce a wide range of antibiotics and extracellular enzymes (Doumbou et al., 2002): 80% of the known antibiotics in the world come from actinomycetes. The Streptomyces genus is considered to be one of the main sources of natural bioactive products (Franco-Correa et al., 2009).

imis®, a natural chelating agent

imis® is a unique complex amino acid of organic origin from OvinAlp’s research and innovation team. It is integrated into fertilisation solutions and improves their effectiveness. It is the first natural chelating agent approved by the Ministry of Agriculture (n° 114-0009).

• imis® currently promotes the penetration of primary elements (N, P and K), secondary elements (Mg, Ca, etc.), and oligo elements (Fe, Mn, B, Cu, etc.) and their integration into the plant metabolism.

• imis® naturally improves the synthesis of proteins, precursors to defence and bioprotection phenomena in plants. Its wealth of organic osmoprotective compounds is able to improve resistance to stress (cold, drought, etc.) by protecting the membranes of the plant cells.

• imis® is a natural and biodegradable alternative to synthesising chelating agents.

imis® can be used to improve the quality and quantity of the harvest, while preserving the land and the environment.

imis® can be used in organic agriculture in accordance with EC regulation 834-2007.

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The attention to detail and safety requirements constitute the foundations of our quality culture. We provide all users of our products with transparent and objective information in order to preserve your land, your image, and our futures.


By committing to a sustainable development approach, we are contributing to societal and environmental advances. Thus, we work towards fertilisation which is respectful of the soil, farmers, consumers, and the environment.


The performance of our fertilisers is perfectly measurable. If large growers, market gardeners, arboriculturists, cereal growers, gardeners, landscapers, greenkeepers, and breeders all use and recommend OvinAlp, it can’t be a coincidence!


The research and innovation team at OvinAlp works on a daily basis to advance our products and services by developing increasingly effective solutions, as well as initiating and controlling a rigorous quality approach.

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